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created: 09 Apr 2013 08:23
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I admit that I never being too much into dashboard and widgets. The main reason was that they took long to load in my old macs (remember, I started with an ibook 12" G4) so I never bother to explore the widget power. Now, with a brand new MacBook Pro i7, I start using the widget instead of cluttering my status bar of icons.

Unfortunately, it appears widget are on the verge of extinction, since I don't really see lot of active development behind and apparently, one of the reasons, is that developers have troubles to make money out of widgets and users are still not using the dashboard to avoid wasting hardware resources. But I have some widget open and I do not notice any drain in my mac performances… of course, I have few, useful widget, and not zillion of them, all updating their status every millisecond.

So, what widget do I have? Aside the original apple sticky note, translator, dictionary, weather, calculator and calendar I have:

What I cannot find is a good widget for Facebook, so to free my status bar from MenuTab Pro (wonderful app, btw).

And what about you? Do you still use widgets and if yes, which ones?


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