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created: 10 Apr 2012 16:03


Chembytes is not dead. I know, I know, I'm not new to such posts, then followed by silence, but this time I back for real.

In these months I was working to a series of papers and had no time to update the wiki, nor the Facebook page. Plus, I couldn't share the new software I developed since papers were far away from publication.

Meanwhile, GROMACS, TINKER, MATERIALS STUDIO, VMD, YASC, and a bunch of other software received important updates: in particular TINKER 6.0.x now dynamically allocates memory and is parallelized. Materials Studio also reached version number 6.0

On the IT side, I ditched Ubuntu and its awful Unity interface, I sold the iPad and my old macbook pro for the new iPad and a more recent second hand macbook. I have also decided to use this space as personal webspace, rather than build a new one. A new project, called Acad-iPad will also start and together with The Mac Corner page, is dedicated to the use of the iPad in Academia.

On the personal side, family start to grow: I got a dog last December. His name is Paco and is a six and half months old english cocker spaniel.

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