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created: 30 Sep 2010 19:21
tags: tinker tutorial
In the lab, we are finally preparing an internal wiki. Of course, I'm transferring all the contents of Chembytes in the new wiki, which, by the way, it is not public. It is quite a big work because it is based on dokuwiki and the syntax is different from that used by wikidot. The good in all this is that finally I can discuss with other people and great ideas pop out.

One of these, is doing tutorial. I knew was a great thing to have step-by-step tutorials, but I was way too lazy to do it. Anyway, the result is that the first two tutorials for TINKER are online. It takes quite a lot of time to write a tutorial, in particular for TINKER that is not well documented. Or, at least, informations are spread between the manual and the source files. I have to admit that was a bit of fun hunting informations in between lines and lines of Fortran code, but at the end, I think I have improve my knowledge on TINKER. So, hope the tutorial will helpful for you, as they have been for me.

Another collateral effect of my trip into the code, is that I was able to retrieve a full reference list for TINKER, which is also online.
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Back Again

created: 18 Sep 2010 18:18
tags: chemmcom
After a looong pause, I'm back updating Chembytes. I was busy with papers, debugging and other problems, so Chembytes was not my first priority. Now everything is back to normal, so I have start to write again and new topics are on the way.

The first great news, is that I have start to collect all the scrapnotes i have in Evernote notebooks. The first notebook with 10 tips is already available here, both in evernote and html format.

The choice of Evernote is due to the fact that is free and is a powerful software to store, manage and search notes, while this is difficult to do in a wiki. Let me know if you like this experiment
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