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Every site nowadays has its own forum, and wikidot has a forum module implemented for free. Therefore I have decided to try it out. Write a wiki is nice, useful (for sure for me, hope also for others), but you have not a real feedback. I can guess how well (or not) the wiki is performing looking at the statistics for the site or at the (lack of) comments scattered through all the wiki. But at the end, I cannot know if the contents are clear or not, if you are finding what you were looking for or not.
I see the forum as a useful instrument to have a feedback and, more important, share information with others, hopefully helping me and the readers with their experience. I don't know everything and it is possible that the little I know is not that right either.

So, if someone is out there and reading, you are welcome to join the site and the forum. The only "drawback" is that you have to register for free on wikidot, in order to post.

That's all folks!

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