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I have recently switched my working mail to gmail. I did this for a numbers of reasons, much more space for storage and much better antispam rules in primis.

The problem was to find a way to easily check my working and personal accounts, both on gmail. I have tried to use the imap protocol and a client like mail (on osx) and thunderbird (on linux), but I was not happy with this solution. The main problem of using gmail with a client is the management of gmail labels, which are seen in the client as different mailbox: to avoid to have the same mail copied in many different mailbox in the client, a tricky configuration of gmail imap (with gmail lab) and the client is required. And the result is not sure.

So, the best is still use gmail with the web interface, but that means a continue login/logout to switch from an account to the other. I have search the web for possible solutions and what I found was even worst than setting an imap client: use to different browsers, install firefox plugins, use chrome in incognito browsing mode on a tab, etc.

By luck, I have found a nice and, I think, neat solution:

  • Mac Users You can download for free the web application Gmail Browser ( This little application allows you to remain signed in in your, let's say, working gmail, while personal mailbox can be checked as usual in your browser. Also, you can run google calendar and docs in gmail browser.
  • Linux Users Unfortunately there is not a linux version of Gmail Browser, but there is another way to manage different accounts. Again, the solution is to use a web application for prism, a simple XULRunner based browser that hosts web applications without the normal web browser user interface. There are many web applications for prism: we will install prism-google-mail, but prism-google-docs, prism-google-calendar, prism-google-groups, prism-google-reader etc. are also available. Prism, prism-google-mail and the other wep applications can be easily installed in ubuntu via synaptic. Again, the secondary account can bemanaged normally via web.

Hope this can help you with your google-based world ;)

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