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I often use Latex for my documents and also when I have to put equations in slides or posters presentations.

To create a picture of a latex equation, we can, of course, use latex and a text editor in the usual way. Or, we can use dedicated software or on-line tools.


  • LaTeXiT (Mac OS X)
    In Mac OS X I use LaTeXiT, which is freeware and allows to customize the resulting image in many ways. The image that is generated can be easily insert in Keynote, Pages, MS office documents, etc.
    You need to have some Latex tools installed, like ghostview. The easiest way to have latex on Mac OS X, is to download and install the MacTex packages.
  • Ekee (Linux)
    Similar to LaTeXiT, but for linux, Ekee can be downloaded here or via package manager if you use the proper repository.
    To make it work with my latex installation, I needed to edit the latex template and comment the following packages:
    To do this, just display the options and click on "Edit LaTeX template". You can save your input in latex, pdf, png and svg. Not bad!
    This is what you will see1:

Online Resources

  • Latex2png
    You can visit the website of latex2png to write online your latex equation and generate a png or gif image. You can vary the resolution of the image from 75 up to 1200 DPI, useful for poster and other publications. Below a example of Latex2png image:

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