I got scooped... darn!

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Today was not a good day… a Monday hidden in a Tuesday.
First, my train was suppressed, then the next one, 30 min after, had delay.
Arrived in the lab, I run to plug my laptop to recharge the battery and, of course, the charger revealed himself dead.

Ok, too stressed to start to work, lets get a coffee with some nuts biscuits (I keep them for emergencies and desperate cases). A bit of web surfing and in, between one ridicule/sad-but-true news about italian politics and the other, I was about to regain my normal mood.

Then… disaster strikes: a little chat on skype could not have proven me more wrong. A friend of mine linked me a new paper and…


I got scooped!!!! Darn it!!!

Now I have to double sugar coat my results… if you know what I mean…

*I have borrowed (sort of) those images from http://www.phdcomics.com

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