Chembytes meets Evernote

Chembytes meets Evernote

Evernote is a great piece of software that help you to store and manage all your notes, links, and bit of informations you may collect during your work. Plus, you will be able to sync all the notes with your free (or premium) online account and with the clients installed on other computers and mobile devices, such as iphone, ipod touch, blackberry, android, etc. Once you have the client installed, you will be able to read/write/modify notes even if you are offline.
Notes can be regrouped in notebooks, tagged and indexed so that it is fast and easy to find them back when you need. Also, notebooks can be shared, or imported/exported. I started to use Evernote to clip webpage, but soon I started to store also personal notes and explore the Evernote World, i.e. the Trunk.

In the Trunk, I have found some notebooks with note collections about different topics, ready to be imported in my account. This made me a great idea: collect all the chembytes scrapnotes in Evernote notebooks and let you download the notebooks as Evernote or html files.
This has the advantage to easily share with you all the bit of informations that are not worthy to write a page about. To the other hand, a single wiki page with a pot-pourri of notes makes all messy and difficult to consult.


Evernote on Snow Leopard


Evernote on ipod touch

Note Collections

Volume 1

This is a collection of the following 10 tips:

  1. Average on the fly with awk
  2. bash… find… action!!!
  3. Convert Smiles to PDB
  4. Create a Gromacs index file with bash
  5. Create a Gromacs index file with bash and awk
  6. Easily get the simulation time from Gromacs log files
  7. for loops in bash
  8. Make your bash prompt shorter
  9. Merge files with bash and awk
  10. Open xmgrace in free format


License and Term of Use

The notebooks are free to be used and re-distributed, as far as you:

  1. keep them free to be used and re-distributed
  2. you do not remove the image and/or alter the links that refer to Chembytes.

I do not mind to share for free what I know, but you must understand I'm investing time and money in the Chembytes project. For the good and the wrong I would like to keep credit for all is related to Chembytes.


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