What about Chembytes?

I started working at this wiki about 4 years ago. At the beginning it was a private wiki, as I was doing a small experiment to introduce the concept of wiki in my lab. Unfortunately, after few weeks, the interest in the wiki vanished and for about one year nothing moved. During 2009 I decided to restyle the wiki, and make it public: Chembytes as we know today was born.
I would say that is still a beta project, as main sections are still coming and new functionalities are added, such the blog and the forum. Unfortunately, seems that the forum is not used. I receive lot of mails asking for help and I have no problem trying to give a hand, but sometimes the whole things get really interesting and its a pity the discussion is done via mail rather than in the forum, where it can be useful to other people too.

Why the donate button and the ads?

Chembytes is a project that I'm supporting alone, and info, tutorials and software are given out for free. Chembytes though has direct and indirect costs:

  1. My Wikidot account is a pro account, so to have more storage for files, videos etc. This is an annual fee.
  2. Tutorials and video tutorials are made with Mac Snapper, ScreenSteps and iShowU HD, which are not freeware.

The idea behind the ads is to get back part of the money spent for this project, but I have decided not to flood the pages with tons of ads: just one at the top of the sidebar and one at the bottom of the page. Therefore, it would be nice if you could disable your favorite adblocker for chembytes. If you really really like something you found on chembytes, you can also consider a small donation via paypal.

Can I collaborate?

Sure. Just open a free account on wikidot and subscribe chembytes. You will be able to edit and create pages. As a rule, you should maintain the general layout of the wiki, post original contents (aka no copy-paste of things you do not own the copyright) and cite the source if you do copy something from elsewhere.
If you do post software, tutorials, images etc, you will continue to own the copyright of them, but you agree to release those contributes under GPL license. Also, the little earnings from ads and donations are not shared among the authors, but used to support this project.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License