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Learn how to use TINKER and GROMACS for your research, script MATERIALS STUDIO and analyze results with xmgrace and VMD in a easy and practical way. Get the last Chembytes scripts and trick collections for Evernote for free. All this and more is just few pages away.

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Added personal webspace

The Mac Corner: mac in science.

Online the Step-by-Step tutorial covering the basics of VMD.

NEW: the first two TINKER tutorials are online.

A practical guide to perl scripting in Accelrys Materials Sudio

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All the information in this wiki is coming from my direct experience and it is how I do the things. I do not claim that what is written here is right or the absolute truth, so use this wiki with critical eyes wide open: something you read here could be proven wrong. Also, use the software and the scripts in this wiki at your own risk. The software is freeware and it come without any (as in nothing, nada, niente, rien) WARRANTY. Therefore I cannot be responsible for loss of data, time, bad results or anything else deriving by the use of my software.

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